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Christopher Marvin Tumusiime


Christopher Marvin Tumusiime is the Founder and Executive Director of Trinity Forestry Services Ltd. Chris is a forester and he has experience in Forestry and Environmental management, he holds skills in extension work, forestry consultation and management, analytical and research skills plus leadership and management skills that he exploits to grow the company. As the company’s executive director, Chris is responsible for planning and coordinating operational activities of the company, devising policies and strategies to meet company goals, providing leadership to staff, establishing business goals plus overseeing and streamlining daily operations.

Nyanzi Moses


Nyanzi Moses is a professional  agroforestry and an environmentalist he is the Project Coordinator at Trinity Forestry Services Ltd. He is an has an experience in Agroforestry with a multitude of skills and competencies in extension work, forestry consultation and management, analytical and research skills plus leadership and communication skills. As a project coordinator of the company, Nyanzi is responsible for collecting data often used for research purposes, writing project proposals, closely monitoring the implementation of projects under the geographical area of responsibility, maintaining good working relations with other agencies in the area of operation, plus representing the company in the field.

Brenda Namubiru


Brenda Namubiru is an administrator at Trinity Forestry Services, with an expertise in public administration and management, she holds the steering in running the day to day company operations, activities and projects. Brenda has skills in office management, leadership, planning and organizational skills, plus competent reporting skills within the company. As an administrator she’s responsible for ensuring efficient performance of all departments in the company, acting as a connecting link between the senior management and other employees, coordinating meetings and appointments plus performing clerical tasks for the growth, sustainability and wellbeing of the company.

Stephen Oboko


Oboko Stephen is an environmentalist who has devoted his life to conserving, protecting our planet and serving its people. He is an activist, and the Chief Technical Officer of TriForSer. Oboko believes that solidarity is the key to saving our planet and changing our world .Through his current roles(work) with Trinity Forestry Services Ltd ,Stephen provided thousands of women,Youths and groups with job training and opportunities and was responsible for the planting of millions of trees in his native Uganda.

Besides before Joining Trinity Forestry Services he is experienced with working with companies and NGOs focusing on reversing the effect of climate change, conserving and protecting the globe,

Stephen is a Forester by proffession.

Abdul Matovu


Abdul Matovu is a Forester and Nursery Manager at Trinity Forestry Services; having skills and competencies in nursery management, Abdul operates the nursery and performs all the tasks and duties required to run the seedlings nursery. He holds skills and competencies in nursery management, strong planning, and organization and time management skills. He is also responsible for long term planning of all the nursery activities, logistics and budgeting of the nursery operations, recruits, oversees and terminates employees at the nursery plus coordinating ongoing nursery activities with the top management.

Mercy Kirungi


Mercy Kirungi is a forester and a student at Nyabyeya Forestry College in Masindi District, with skills and competencies in leadership, planning and management, extension work and good communication skills, Mercy is a leader of all the volunteers at Trinity Forestry Services Ltd in other wards she leads the volunteer’s forum in the company. She’s also responsible for spearheading all the volunteer’s activities within the company, selecting and supervising the volunteer staff of the company and overseeing all the duties and roles of the volunteers within the company.

Lillian Kasoga


Lillian Kasoga is a student at Makerere University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Youth Development Work. Due to her expertise in working with the youth, Lillian was given a position as a leader for the youth and children under Trinity Forestry Services; this is because the company operates projects and activities engaging youth and children thus the need to have a leader for the youth and children forum. Lillian holds skills in extension work, good co-operation skills, good communication and leadership skills. As a youth leader, Lillian is responsible for mobilizing and coordinating all the projects and activities engaging youth and children, help improve the livelihood of children and youths on behalf of the company, acts as an advocate on issues concerning the vulnerable children and youth.

Aryamanya Liberty


Aryamanya liberty is a student at Nyabyeya Forestry College pursuing a diploma in forestry. I also hold a certificate in forestry from Nyabyeya Forestry College Masindi Uganda.

I have worked in kagorra central forest kyenjojo as a forest patrol. I later worked with Techna sawmill Ltd from 2019 to 2020 as a supervisor.

I currently part time volunteering with Trinity Forestry Services in tree planting projects.

Prossy Owomugisha


Prossy Owomugisha is a professional and passionate forester with a passion for conserving the environment and ensuring  its sustainable use. Possessing experience and skills in forest management , mapping, short and long term planning, data collection and data analysis. She is able to handle multiple tasks at the same time, creative, flexible, honest dependable and a great time manager. She works as a sales and marketing officer for the company in charge of marketing the products and services offered by the company.


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