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Reforesting Uganda and Beyond

Driven by an environmental protection motive to reforestate Uganda and beyond, Trinity Forestry Services Limited is a Private company limited by Shares, incorporated on the 29th December 2020 under section 18(3) of the companies Act 2012 in the Republic of Uganda at registration number 80020002848662. Trinity Forestry Services is a youth led social enterprise that conducts private activity in the public interest organized with an entrepreneur strategy but whose main purpose is not the maximization of profits but the attainment of certain environmental and social goals.

As a well suited social enterprise we therefore pursue social and environmental objectives and uses business approaches to create an impact in our society beyond corporate social responsibility.

We have been and shall continue to be strategically positioned to excel in our engagement as outlined in our vision, mission and strategic objectives.

We have our head office located about 35km from Kampala city center, in Namaliga, Bombo town, opposite National water and sewerage corporation(NWSC) offices. We operate a tree seedling Nursery in Nganjo village (12km) away from Bombo town.

Our Vision
A climate Change Resilient society with an enhanced climate change mitigation and adaptive capacity.
Our Mission
To encourage climate smart actions, projects and solutions so as to create social economic and environmental wellbeing.

Our Strategic

Reforesting Uganda and Beyond
  • To Establish forests, manage forests and trees, and provide forestry services at all levels in Uganda and beyond.
  • To carry out local and international contracts in forestry services, partnerships and collaborations with organisations, individuals and institutions with same objectives
  • To boost the forestry profession in Uganda by providing meaningful employment to Uganda’s youth in the forest and environmental sciences profession who have been marginalized before.
  • To improve the livelihood of people within communities through Forestry agroforestry and environment work.
  • To carry out advocacy and activism for climate change resilience among individuals, institutions and communities through implementing social benefit projects, actions and solutions in Uganda and beyond.
  • To establish tree seedling nurseries that will generate income for the company and for community benefit through giving out the seedlings.
  • To increase awareness of farmers about climate change issues through trainings and sensitizations that are directly supported by the company.

Operational HQs

Trinity Forestry Services Limited
Nganjo Village, Katikamu Sub-county
After Kalule Trading Center
Near Aisha Islamic Schools
Off Kampala Gulu Highway

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