Forestry in Uganda

According National Forestry Authority, 2008, the term forest refers to a type of vegetation dominated by trees most of which at maturity are more than 5 m tall and establishes a minimum tree canopy cover of 30%. Forests and woodlands cover approximately 4.9 million hectares in Uganda, about 24% of the total land area. The vast majority of this is woodland (19%), while the rest is tropical moist forest (5%)and forest.

The total forest reserve area is estimated at 1,277,684 hectares, of which 99.6 % is under the Central Forest Reserves while 0.4% is on Local Forest Reserves. National Forestry Authority is the lead agency mandated to manage all 506 Central Forest Reserves in Uganda.

Trees, forests and woodlands cover about 14% of Uganda’s land surface and over the last 30–40 years, growth in human population and corresponding increase in demand for forest products for domestic and industrial use, expansion of agricultural land to feed the growing population, illegal settlements and weak forest management capacity have adversely affected the status of natural forests in Uganda, particularly the biodiversity. According to an  article published in the African Journal of Ecology, in 2010 titled Status of Forests in Uganda.

As Uganda’s population increases, the need for more productive and sustainable use of the land becomes more urgent. But un believable fact is that Until recently, little attention had been paid to development of commercial forests which should have provided alternative forest products and services to relieve the pressure on natural forests and conserve biodiversity.

Trinity Forestry Services Limited has for this reason come out to responds to the urgent need for a strong and sustained research focus on forest and environmental management and protection, given the crucial role of forests in confronting some of the most important challenges of our time, climate change, poverty, and food insecurity. We seek to enhance the management and use of forests, agroforestry resources across Uganda.

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