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The Green Team Academy under Joan Gregerson annually organises the International Climate Action Challenge (ICAC) which features Eco initiatives accross the globe and mentors participants through a 90 day Journey.

In 2020, Trinity Forestry Services, was part of the challenger teams and this brought to it’s growth till this stage. We joined the challenge at the time we really needed a proccess to grow our selves to great initiative and more so organisation. The challenge was a magical journey for us, we fronted an urban farming project in the slums of kampala with Youth and women as our main beneficiaries, we carried out a number of activities that included capacity building, team building, and many others that enabled us make over 100 beneficiaries after the 90 days of the challenge. The weekly check ins, Meetings, mentorships and opportunities of connecting globally really contributed so much to our success story now.

As of Today 2021, we have once again registered and are participating in this year’s challenge this time round featuring a bigger project that last year, We are now having a Reforestation project using Agroforestry Models in a Farmer participatory Approach. We have targeted to plant one million trees plus by end of 2022 using this model but also have a min goal for the 90 days to plant 250,000 trees. Under this project, we have recruited over 30 volunteers, having 5 new members representing us for the challenge and unlike the previous time, we are now working accross the entire country.

The benefits we have got after and during the challenge are multitude, we have the platform, we are building a bigger team, we are now fully registered under the laws of uganda, we have organised fundraising campaigns, Our Team leader is part of the Advisory Board of the Green Team Academy, just to mention, above all we are now progressing so well.

As of today, we have a number of projects in pipeline, we have also organised and are still organising a number of campaigns. Yes, Learning is a proccess, and the ICAC gives you a complete proccess, full of mentorship, trainings, follow ups, reccomendations and Connections globally.

The advise we and shall always give to Teams or individuals starting up projects, is that the International climate action challenge is the best coarse you wouldn’t miss to grow your initiative or project. Lastly but not least, You have to be the change, the change is you, The Green Team Academy will empower you to become the change.

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